caes after dark

for members who currently hold the cae designation

an online gsae discussion group for caes to continue their education

Meetings are virtual and provide 1 CAE credit hour per meeting. This gathering constitutes a “preplanned in-depth group study of specific association management topic(s) with interaction between a minimum of three participants from different organizations [and earns] 1 CAE credit for each clock hour, up to a maximum of 20 hours per CAE application.”

The first fifteen minutes of each meeting is reserved for rapid introductions of the participants and an overview of the methodology used to discuss the materials for the meeting. Generally, conversation will include

  • A quick recap of the content
  • conversation among the participants to the content to lead to deeper understanding
  • reactions and thoughts about how to use the content to effect change in your association

Participants are responsible for reviewing the material prior to the meeting, keeping track of the dates, times, and content of the meetings and will have access to a recording of the meeting for their records (to be used to support CAE hours).

Winter/Spring 2019 Cohort Dates - TBD