A couple of packing reminders for y’all, in addition to the invitation to join your Southern SAE friends and colleagues late Monday afternoon before The Classic.

  1. Dress at ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Expo is business casual (for those of you in logo-ed apparel for your booths on Sunday and Monday, we will admire you and tell you how great you look).
  2. You may want to plan to wear different shoes on alternating days. The center is really big.
  3. Meeting rooms may be hot or cold – layers are always a good idea.
  4. The summers in Columbus can be humid. Average temps range from 84°/62° in August. Courtesy of Trip Advisor.
  5. The Classic at  - so you may plan the rest of your evening after the Southern SAE reception if you are attending -  Tickets are available.

I will be on site on Saturday, but in meetings all day with the other SAE execs.Text if you need me and I’ll try to respond quickly.

Safe travels,