Our desire is to provide corporate members with significant value for their participation in GSAE. Advertising is just one way we connect our members with decision makers in the association community.

connections magazine, e-newsletter, and the gsae membership directory

eNewsletter Contact - Brittany Thompson
(352) 333-3452
[email protected]

Magazine Contact - Debbi McClanahan
(352) 333-3490
[email protected]


gsae update e-newsletter

GSAE sends a monthly e-mail newsletter, the GSAE Update, providing news about news about our members, GSAE events and opportunities in the community. GSAE does not sell e-mail addresses or allow corporate members to send broadcast e-mails to the membership.

Advertising in an issue of the GSAE Update is the only way corporate members may send a message to all our GSAE members electronically. GSAE Update archives are available online. Please contact Brittany Thompson at Naylor, for more information at [email protected]