framework for connecting leaders, advancing associations

our focus: creating meaningful and diverse opportunities that allow members to connect with each other. Every Time.

expanding your network

  • Create interactive introductions
    • Mix it up (live, videos, warm-ups, etc.)
    • Make it personal
  • Create casual connections
    • Empower our membership to create organic opportunities to gather and share
    • Utilize storytelling – promotion, engagement
    • Increase ease of information-sharing – internally and externally
  • Provide networking opportunities
    • Facilitate connections
    • Build into everything
    • Smaller is better in this environment
    • Re-launch the Hyper-local framework

building new skills

  • Format and Structure
    • Flexible programming times – pilot breakfasts, luncheons and happy hours
    • Build in pre/post time for both “flipping the classroom” and reflecting on/implementing  the information shared
    • Breakouts should always include strategies to turn information into knowledge and action
  • Solution-focused
    • Encourage opportunities to form serendipitous pods/cohorts among members

solving today’s problems

  • Ask what’s working continuously
    • Create feedback loops from members to leaders to staff
    • Adjust and evolve
  • Education
    • Utilize our member experts and existing collaborative partnerships
    • Seek out other partnerships with corporate supplier members

learning by leading

  • Share our results every time we pilot a new idea throughout our communication vehicles
    • White papers, lists
    • Slides and videos available intact and edited into bite-sized consumption
    • GSAEtv and its next iteration
  • DOPE – Develop Once, Publish Everywhere

advancing your career

  • Harness the energy of our brand evangelists and our learning experts
    • Encourage interactive exchanges within each program
    • Incorporate physical movement where possible
    • Entertainment is okay!
  • Resurrect the Communications and Social Media Audit Work Group (held over from 2020)

Tactics Captured and Worth Pursuing

  • MasterMinds
  • Problem-solving pods
  • GSAE Prom
  • Hyper local face to face options
  • RFP Workshop for association execs
  • Workshop on employee engagement
  • Webinar on employee recognition

thank you to our 2023 host 

Only In Cartersville Bartow