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Plan of work 2018 and 2019

Connecting leaders, advancing associations

Our Focus: Creating meaningful and diverse opportunities that allow members to connect with each other.

1. expanding your network

Continue building more dynamic, personalized member profiles

  • Searchable profiles based on keywords
  • Professional skills and specialties added
  • Social media accounts included in member profiles and directory
2. building new skills
  • Hold a Tech Showcase
  • Conduct an Association Management 101
  • Produce a Train the Trainer video or webinar for GSAE speakers
  • Launch a Small Staff Summit
  • Maintain APP features
3. solving today’s problems
  • Continue to foster “expertise exchange” among association executives
  • Foster corporate supplier connections to the “right” potential customer
4. learning by leading
  • Volunteer structure review
5. advancing your career
  • Review and update Leadership Academy
  • Create Communications and Social Media Audit Work Group