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Corporate Suppliers


Annual corporate membership is $300 for the first member and $250 for the second and subsequent staff members from the same company.

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"....most people, when they ask you what you do for a living and you tell them you’re involved with an association or a tradeshow, they look at you like you have three heads…”

- Kevin Belanger Shepard Exposition Services

We know what you do

GSAE members like you understand the ins and outs of serving the unique needs of the association community. We know the value of shared knowledge and shared solutions for our association executives, and look forward to helping you build the relationships critical to your company's continued success.

Benefits of corporate membership:

  • Build and maintain relationships at luncheons and the Annual Meeting.
  • Access useful resources, such as the Meetings Guide with meeting statistics and demographics of GSAE’s association members.
  • Advertise in Connections magazine, online and in our e-newsletter and reach qualified buyers.
  • Raise your corporate visibility by sponsoring various GSAE activities or exhibiting at the annual tradeshow.
  • Participate on committees, with Shared Interest Groups (SIGs), and through the GSAE Supplier Council

Fine Print:

The company or firm, as the GSAE member, designates a corporate supplier representative to receive member services and who may vote in elections and hold office.

GSAE's Bylaws. Article III. Membership. Section 1.E. Corporate membership shall be available to a firm, corporation or organization who, while not engaged in the management of an association as defined in Section 1 A and D, has interests in the association management profession or is engaged in activities related to the association management profession and agrees with the objectives and purposes of this association. The Corporate Member may change this representative at its discretion upon filing written notice of such change with the President. A Corporate Member representative who changes his or her employer may not transfer affiliation.