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Foundation Donors

since september 2017

Thank you to our foundation donors

Abit Massey, CAE and Kayanne Massey Robin Lane, CAE
Chris Valley Heather Hunt
David Haag, MSM, CAE Robert Sumner, Esq
Bill Anderson, CAE, LEED AP Karla Yeck
Beth Harmon Jasmine Okafor, M.Div.
James Pace Julie Musselman
Diane Hopkins, CAE Paula Fronimo
Jacob Wilder, CAE Kathryn Brooks Rhodes
Matt Gunning, CPA Machell Harper
Kristin McWhorter, CAE Connie Bergeron, CMP
Cece Corbin, CMP Gerald Scott
Pat Dunwoody, CAE, LEED AP Gale Macke
Greg Martin Wendy Kavanagh, CAE
Boyd Search Arianna Afshari
Melissa A. Connor Kelly Lass
Dusty Findley Jim Gauntt
Larry Williams Dallas Jackson
Adam Berrios Shannon Rodriguez
Marva Huie Joel Peacock
Cori Worcester David Cowles
Katherine Puckett Dawn Andrews
Lori K. Spear, CAE

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