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For more info about nonprofit orgs, careers, and professional development opportunities, consider these links.

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Guide to nonprofit careers — from

This free book is written for everyone from first-time job seekers to experienced professionals and includes chapters on Nonprofit Speak 101, How to Find a Career or a Nonprofit That Is Right for You, Networking: Is It Really All About Who You Know?, How to Make Yourself a Stronger Candidate, Evaluating Organizational Culture and much more.

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Interactive guide to nonprofit careers — from

This open-access, expert-driven guide to nonprofit career opportunities is designed for students and young professionals seeking careers in the nonprofit sector. It includes a detailed rundown of specific fields, organizations, and job titles with strong connections to nonprofit work. It also discusses the importance of volunteering, and how donating time can serve as a bridge to a full-time, paid position. Other key features of the guide include: a full list of nonprofit job seeking resources; where and how to network to open nonprofit doors; must-have information for volunteering internationally.

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Public service careers from

A broad field that covers an array of occupations, public service offers individuals an opportunity to make an impact. Those interested in this field are motivated by their desire to serve others and their communities. created a guide on public service careers to help prospective employees explore the different types of career paths available; learn about employment opportunities, internships, and volunteer work; get insight from public service experts; and find a list of additional resources for navigating the public service sector.

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