Association Careers: Connecting

Despite the advances in technology, one of the best ways of finding and securing employment is through networking. The nonprofit community can be a collegial, family-type environment. Don’t know anyone in the nonprofit field? No worries! One of the best resources is your local society of association executives (SAEs), such as the Georgia Society of Association Executives.

GSAE student membership is available for only $25 annually - benefits include our newsletter, quarterly Connections magazine, access to members-only Website areas and numerous networking opportunities.

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Association careers: jobs and internships

Before making your first step into nonprofits, consider an internship in the field. Your internship may count for class credit and help you determine if a future in nonprofits is for you. Internships can help you land that first job, build your portfolio and gain valuable work experience. Some internships offer a stipend, and you can learn from others in a real world setting.

Once you have gained work experience, and you have decided a career in nonprofits is for you, consider the different job opportunities available. For nonprofit job boards and other resources, visit the following websites: