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At GSAE, the privacy of our members and Site visitors is important to us. We have a commitment to you, the Site user, and hereby explain our Site privacy practices and procedures in this Privacy Policy. This Policy pertains to all information received through our Site. Here you will learn about how your information is collected, used, and protected. You can always find the latest copy of the GSAE Legal Policy at (footer) or by emailing a request to gsae "at"


The GSAE Site issues cookies, which are small files placed on your computer to help the Site identify your browser when you return to our Site. Site cookies may be used to store visitor preferences, record your session information, customize content based on the type of browser you use, and contain other information you submit to us. All cookie-related information is kept private by GSAE and will not be used for purposes other than assisting with and improving your experience in visiting our Site. Cookies alone do not personally identify you, unless you are a member and have registered to use the GSAE Site. If you are a member and have registered to use the Site, some cookie-related information may contain or be linked with data that you have chosen to provide to GSAE. In that case, the use of such information is governed by other sections of this Privacy Policy.

site visitors

For visitors to the GSAE Site, we may automatically collect the following pieces of information:

  • Internet domain and IP address;
  • Type of browser and operating system used;
  • The date and time of the visit;
  • GSAE Site pages visited;
  • The address of originating website, if any.

This information will not be used to identify you personally, and will not be used for any purpose other than allowing us to improve your Site experience or helping us to improve the Site in the future. We do not track, profile, or record information about specific GSAE Site visitors, except through the limited use of cookies discussed above. The information collected on visitors is only kept in the aggregate and is studied to improve our Site design and services.

In certain areas of the Site, however, you may choose to reveal information about yourself to GSAE. This may include sending GSAE an email through a feature on the Site or filling out a form. The information you disclose may include your name, address, email address, or other information that is not publicly available. In the event that you voluntarily disclose personally identifiable information about yourself in this way, GSAE commits to use it only for the purposes for which it was provided, and to not provide it to any third parties.

gsae members

GSAE Members create an account with GSAE and log in for certain activities, such as viewing content, posting to forums, changing settings and account details, paying registration and other fees to GSAE, and other Site activities. Note that use of the Site is governed by the Site Terms of Service, and use of listservs, forums, and social media sites are governed by policies posted on the Site at those locations.

Any information supplied by GSAE members is kept and stored in databases and only will be used for the purpose for which the GSAE member provided it, or other specific purposes authorized herein. GSAE may use your personal information to contact you in the future, but in no instance will provide any information supplied by you to third parties if that information could be used to personally identify you, except as follows:

  • If you register for a GSAE event or conference, GSAE may release your personal contact mailing information to exhibitors and sponsors of those GSAE events and conferences. If you do not wish to have your name released, please notify GSAE on the registration page, or by emailing GSAE at gsae “at”
  • Your information is supplied to MemberClicks, A Personify Company, our Site provider. MemberClick's own website privacy protections and practices are viewable here
  • GSAE may use third-party contractors for provision of certain services, such as for printing services and meetings. Third-party contractors will not use your information for any purposes other than the ones the information was provided for unless expressly consented to by you in registration forms.
  • In no event will GSAE share your email address with a third party without your prior permission except as discussed above.
  • GSAE retains the right to market to members, and to collect information pertaining to your use of the Site in order to more effectively market to you in the future. All credit card information is deleted once the particular transaction is complete.

right to access or correct data

If GSAE retains any personally identifiable information about you, you have the right to see what information GSAE retains. For GSAE members, most io this information is viewable inside your user account. For Site visitors, the only personally identifiable information is information you specifically provided to us through an email or form on our website. Regardless, any person who has provided information to GSAE and would like to review that information may email a request. Fulfilling your request may take some time due to the technical nature of the Site, but GSAE will not unreasonably delay in providing a list of personally identifiable information retained about you by GSAE.

You have the right to correct any data GSAE retains about you, should it contain mistakes. GSAE strives to keep accurate data and encourages you to bring any mistakes to its attention. Submit information corrections to gsae “at”

duration of information retention and deletion requests

Unless otherwise noted, information about Site visitors and members is retained indefinitely. You may, at any time, request that your information be deleted. Note that, in doing so, GSAE may not be able to offer certain services or features of the Site to you.

gsae right to modify privacy policy

GSAE reserves the right to make modifications to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Some modifications will be minor or correctional in nature. Since these modifications do not affect which information is kept or how it is used, these changes may be made by GSAE simply by updating the current version of the Privacy Policy viewable on the Site.

Others modifications may materially affect your privacy rights under this Policy. In the event of a material modification, a notice of changes will be prominently posted thirty (30) days before such modification to give you an opportunity to review and consent by continued usage of the Site. If you do not consent to the changes to the Privacy Policy, please notify us so that your information is not used under the modified Policy. You understand that objection to the modified Privacy Policy terms may require deletion of your account or limitation of services provided to you.


Links to external sites may be available on the GSAE Site. While GSAE will not post a link to an external site that it knows to be harmful or have unacceptable privacy practices, you understand that GSAE cannot be responsible for external sites, and cannot make privacy guarantees for those sites. You visit those sites at your sole risk.


If you have any questions about this Legal Policy, or would like to provide notices or requests under this Policy, you may email GSAE gsae“at” or contact GSAE at:

1270 Caroline St. NE
Ste. D120 #359
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 577-7850 office